Message from the Minister of Social Protection in observance of World Day for Occupational Safety and Health at Work 2020.


Minister of Social Protection, the Hon. Amna Ally

Over the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has become an unprecedented global health crisis that has been met with unprecedented global responses. Similar to many nations, Guyana is now confronted with numerous challenges as we try to combat this pandemic and protect the people of this nation.

The safety and health of all workers during this period are of paramount importance and Guyana is pleased to join the International Labour Organization and the International Community to observe World Day for Safety and Health at work under the theme:

“COVID-19: Employers and Workers:  Be Aware, Prepare and Take Action, Protect Yourselves and Others”.

Exposure to COVID-19 can present serious health risks to workers as well as other persons who they may come into contact with. Therefore, employers are advised to follow the latest public health guidelines and identify and implement suitable control measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection in the workplace. These public health measures should be communicated to all relevant employees and others at the place of work. It is of critical importance that both employers and employees actively engage to control against the transmission of COVID-19 while at work.

I applaud those employers who have implemented measures to curb the spread of COVID- 19 by installing handwashing sinks at entrances, making it mandatory for persons to sanitize their hands and wear masks prior to entering their establishments, while also providing protective gears for employees. I urge others that have not done so to put these mechanisms in place because it would be deemed reckless not to implement these sanitary measures.

I wish to appeal to the general public to continue to comply with the prevention measures, let us maintain good hygiene, and respect the social distancing protocols.

I wish to thank, in particular, all our frontline workers who continue to put their lives on the line to ensure that we defeat the virus. To our healthcare workers, I say a big thank you for the continued sacrifices you are making in caring for those infected with the virus, and in caring for the sick in general.

This nation is committed and will continue to work through the National COVID-19 Task Force to protect persons from this virus, contain its spread, and provide support to those affected.

Please be safe and protect yourselves.