‘Mid-town highway’ eyed for August completion

Government has urged the contractors executing the $1.8 billion Georgetown to East Coast Demerara (ECD) mid-town highway connecting the East Coast highway to Dennis Street and Dennis Street to Sherriff Street, to put more effort into completing the project by August.

During an impromptu inspection of the project on Tuesday, President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, and Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, urged that the project be expedited, so that travel time could be reduced and commute easier.

However, the president said quality must not be compromised.

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, speaking with contractors

“The idea here is the holistic solution to the traffic and the efficiency of the transport system…. So, this four-lane was started, and it will be [constructed] horizontally across Georgetown, so it becomes a mid-town kind of highway that connects all the traffic from Sherriff Street to the Demerara River, and from the left side going all the way back to Conversation Tree, and linking onto the East Coast,” President Ali explained at the site.

He noted that the construction of the highway will also be incorporated into the US$106.3 million Ogle-to-Eccles Road link, which will also be a four-lane highway. The linkage of these highways, he added, will provide for a number of modern, four-lane entry points into Georgetown.

Ongoing works on the four-lane East Coast to Sherriff highway

“I know some people are facing tremendous difficulties…. I just want you to understand the magnitude of work that is going on to transform the urban centres, to improve the traffic flow and the efficiency, and to enhance the value of these areas.

“The level of use of these internal roads has increased tremendously too because people are trying to avoid traffic, and it’s a danger. So, this also improves the safety. So, it’s not just social impact, it’s not just economic impact… it’s the valuation and infrastructure of the area,” Dr Ali said.

Minister Indar noted that the construction of the four-lane highway was an effort to direct some of the traffic from the East Coast into the city to reduce traffic buildup.

He highlighted that enhancements are ongoing to connect Campbell Avenue, to Owen Street and a few others, which will assist in dispersing traffic throughout communities in Georgetown.

He also stated that significant progress has been made in the construction of multiple highways in the country.

Works on the mid-town highway will entail the construction of a four-lane carriageway from the East Coast Highway to Delhi Street. A double-lane carriageway will also be constructed on the reserve west of Delhi Street, to form the two lanes for northbound traffic.

Additionally, concrete revetments are being implemented between the East Coast Demerara Highway and Railway Embankment, along with concrete drains on both sides of the proposed roadway between railway embankment and Delhi Street. Construction of two large concrete bridges to establish connection to Dennis Street is also part of the project.

Further, culverts will be constructed in the area to mitigate flooding.

The project was split into two lots; Lot 8 A of the project is being executed by S. Jagmohan Construction and General Supplies Inc., to the tune of $$1,066, 358,738, while Lot 8 B was awarded to Trinidad company, Kallco Guyana Inc., to the tune of $830,293,458.