Min. Sharma in Leguan: satisfying residents’ desires

ferry to begin special operation tomorrow

―construction works at Leguan Stelling progressing  

―residents must adhere to safety tips – Min. Sharma

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A ferry will begin early runs from Leguan, Region 3, on Thursday following the request of farmers and business owners on the island.

Repairs to part of the Leguan Stelling began earlier this month and the ferry operation was scaled back to ensure speedy completion of the work.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Hon. Jaipaul Sharma visited Leguan on Wednesday after residents complained that the work was hindering the transportation of produce to and from the island.

“They requested that we halt the work on the stelling which I didn’t agree. So, I came myself to see what better suits the residents,” Minister Sharma told the DPI.

He said from tomorrow through January the Transport and Harbours Department will assign a ferry to Leguan at around 7 am and it will return in the evenings.

“This will alleviate the complaints that the residents, specifically the farmers, miller and shop owners, are concerned about. They are happy that such an arrangement was put in place. The contractor has agreed since he understands the situation and has since indicated that he will work with the time which is provided to him during this arrangement,” Minister Sharma said.

He noted that the residents’ safety was paramount on his ministry’s agenda and called on commuters to adhere to all safety tips provided during the execution of the project.

“Long before 2015 these residents were crying out and have been waiting for the rehabilitation of this stelling and it is going to finally be done and we need to complete this in an environment where residents, commuters and operators can be safe,” the minister concluded.

Minister Sharma also visited several other completed 0projects and areas of concerns highlighted during his brief meeting with the residents.