Min. Sharma vows to address Clonbrook issues

– to conduct a follow-up visit with the community soonest

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, November 14, 2019

Several Clonbrook residents met with the Minister within the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. Jaipaul Sharma this evening to express views about what improvements they desire in the East Coast of Demerara community. The meeting held at the Clonbrook, Primary School, was preceded by a walkabout.

Minister within the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. Jaipaul Sharma discussing a matter of concern to residents of Clonbrook, during a walkabout the community

A resident, Raymond Small was among several who called for the rehabilitation of the community playfield. Another resident, John Menezes, raised concerns about how heavy-duty machinery drivers use the roadways to access canals in the community when it’s time to clean. Further, there was also the request for structured cleaning and desilting of the canals.

Minister Sharma urged that reports be made as soon as they occur, with the relevant ministries so the situations can be addressed immediately.

When the issue of sporadic water supply was raised, the minister observed that this could easily be addressed with the digging of a new well. He signalled his intent contact the relevant authorities at the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) to have this matter corrected.

A call was also made for action to be taken against residents who dump garbage along dams. Residents also requested that additional streetlights be installed.

Concluding the meeting, Minister Sharma, who was accompanied by Councilor Aseef Balmacoon and community representative Cherlyn Herod, explained that some of the requests made could be addressed urgently. He has also committed to having temporary repairs effected to some of the worst affected roads in a matter of weeks.

Residents were reminded to attend the Haslington/Grove NDC meetings, held every third Wednesday in the month, to participate in the process of managing their communities.

Minister Sharma has committed to returning to the community soonest to meet and address other concerns of the communities.