Mineral Sector Policy Framework open for public perusal

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─ Government holds open discussion with stakeholders

─Minister Trotman to take it before cabinet by February

─Minister Broomes to hold talks with miners

DPI, Guyana, Friday, January 25, 2019

The National Mineral Sector Policy Framework and Actions has been designed to manage the development of Guyana’s mineral sector in a holistic, integrated, responsive and responsible manner.

The document was presented to stakeholders earlier on the morning of January 25, during a stakeholder forum, hosted by the Ministry of Natural Resources. It was presented by University of Guyana Lecturer, Sherwood Lowe, who leads the team contracted to spearhead the process of designing a Strategic Ten (10) Year Plan for the mineral sector.

The policy document (NMSPFA) is said to be both a vision statement and an action plan.

It also responds to the need to have the mineral sector realign more with sustainable development goals, as well as be aligned with policy recommendations for national development agendas, in particular, the Green State Development Strategy.

Following the presentation, stakeholders who would have previously perused the document give their feedback.

Vanda Radzik, who represented Civil Society says the report was excellent; “it is one of the reports in recent times that is to the point. All of the recommendations are valid”

Chairman of the Guyana Gold Board, GHK Lall, said while governance, compliance and performance are inextricably linked, the GGB has been admonished for compliance “we at the gold board have gotten hell for that,” Lall said

He added that performance in terms of production will not take place unless the compliance continues.

When the session concluded, Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman said the public will now have an opportunity to peruse the document. “The document will be released to the media and on the ministry’s website where the public can now view, peruse and make recommendations.”

According to Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, her department will now ensure the policy reaches those persons on the ground who could not have attended the session today.

“there are five mining districts and so we will have a team visiting these mining districts to engage the small miners, explaining the policy to them and giving them the opportunity to ask questions as to how it will either affect or benefit them,” Minister Broomes explained.  

According to the NMSPFA framework, mining has implications for national sovereignty, border security, health security, law enforcement, hinterland and infrastructure development, social cohesion, and internal population movement and redistribution.

It says in addressing these various needs and demands, the NMSPFA embraces a consultative approach.

Felecia Valenzuela.

Images: Marceano Narine.