Minister Todd meets with his Surinamese counterpart Minister Ramdin

The Honourable Hugh Hilton Todd, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation today met with His Excellency Albert Ramdin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation of Suriname today to discuss ways to further enhance the bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Ministers reaffirmed the commitment of Guyana and Suriname to pursue the initiatives agreed to within the Strategic Dialogue and Cooperation Platform (SDCP). They reiterated the commitment of the Presidents of Guyana and Suriname to strengthening the bilateral relations through enhanced and sustained dialogue, and practical and effective programmes for cooperation that would benefit the people of both countries.

The Ministers also agreed on a strategy to advance discussions in the coming months on several subjects. In this regard, Minister Todd emphasised the two priority areas for Guyana which are of mutual interest and benefit to both countries namely, Fishing Licenses for Guyanese Fisherfolk and the Bridging of the Corentyne River.

The MOU establishing the SDCP was signed by Guyana and Suriname during a Presidential visit to Suriname in November 2020 with the aim of enhancing cooperation through the establishment of several working groups on a number of areas, including infrastructure, agriculture, security, health, trade and the environment.