Moco Moco village receives solar panel systems

As government continues its dedicated effort to ensure equitable development for all Guyanese, Amerindian, hinterland and rural communities continue to receive solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Moco Moco village, in Central Rupununi, Region Nine, became the latest community to benefit from this initiative, when the panels, along with accessories, were officially delivered by Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai during her visit to the region on Sunday.

Toshao of the Moco Moco, Thomas George told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that over 150 residents within the community will receive the panels, which will allow them to benefit from a reliable and inexpensive source of power.

In brief remarks, Minister Sukhai reminded that the solar panel project was being implemented under the previous PPP/C Administration until it was discontinued under the APNU+AFC regime.

This delayed development in these communities, as such, the PPP/C Government resuscitated the project when it returned to office in 2020.

“This should not have been delayed. This is a peoples’ project where every single household will be impacted, where children can have extended hours to do studies, homework,” the minister noted.

The panels were procured for residents in vulnerable communities that do not have access to electricity, the minister explained.

“It’s intended for those who don’t have power as yet, because electricity is not a cheap sector, and we have to find an alternate source of power,” she stated.

The solar systems are designed to provide electricity for eight hours and have a life span of over 20 years. Each system features a 160-watt solar panel and a mobile charging facility, among other basic fittings.

The solar panel project funded through money earned from the Guyana-Norway partnership will see 30,000 households in hinterland, riverine, and rural communities benefitting.

It is designed to balance the energy gap between urban and rural areas, simultaneously propelling the nation towards an energy mix that incorporates fossil and renewable energy. This shift, aligns with the Low Carbon Development Strategy 2030.

Several communities in Region Nine have already received their solar panels from the government, which were delivered by several government ministers.