Modern ophthalmology facility for LHC

– over 100 persons can be accommodated in the facility

– National Insurance Scheme Vouchers accepted

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, May 24, 2018

Free eye testing and spectacles at a subsidised cost are just two of the improved services that Lindeners can now access at the new ophthalmology facility located at the Mackenzie hospital’s old compound.

The new facility has available a modernised ophthalmology operating theatre, an observation ward, eye testing area, lens and frame showroom, pre-anaesthesia room, vision room, ophthalmologist consultation room, optometrist practising room and treatment room. The project was completed in two phases, from 2017-2018, by the Ministry of Public Health.

Regional Officials and LHC Staff touring the waiting room of the new ophthalmology facility.

Several regional officials including Linden’s Mayor Waneka Arrindell and Regional Chairman Renis Morian, recently toured the facility. Chief Executive Officer of Linden Hospital Complex, Dr. Mohammed Riyasat explained the facility will provide better quality eye care services to the residents. He expressed satisfaction that eye surgeries will be conducted in a sterile environment and the patients will recover in their own special ward.

“To perform eye surgery, you have to have an extremely sterile location. You cannot allow for contamination with any other surgery such as a bad foot or abscess,” Riyasat explained.

LHC’s lone ophthalmologist Dr. Remeeza Mc Donald said that over 100 persons can be accommodated in the facility. She noted that the facility will allow her to effectively practice her speciality.  Dr. Mc Donald said, with the receipt of additional equipment, the facility will soon be able to “address all areas relating to eye services in Linden.”

Regional Chairman Renis Morian commended the Government and the Ministry of Health for providing the much-needed facility in a timely manner. “Now residents will no longer have to travel to Georgetown to access these services. I am happy that in the Upper Demerara-Berbice and primarily Linden, we can enjoy this type of service. I want to encourage residents to take full use of this facility,” Morian said.

LHC will accept National Insurance Scheme Vouchers.


By: Vanessa Braithwaite

Images by Vanessa Braithwaite.