Moraikobai now has better electricity supply –through GEA intervention

GINA, GUYANA, Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Residents of Moraikobai, Region Five, now have access to improved electricity distribution through an intervention by the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) in collaboration with the Latin America Energy Organisation (OLADE). The two bodies have been working together to provide electricity through solar panels in hinterland communities.

solar panel installed in the Guest House at Moraikobai

University of Guyana (UG) Lecturer and Energy Engineer, Patrick Ketwaru said the system is solar photovoltaic where the solar panels are used to charge batteries. “The batteries then use direct 24 volts which is used to run the high efficiency freezer. The final step is where we send the volts through an inverter to convert it to 110 AC current to run other things like little blenders and electricity for small fans and so on,” Ketwaru explained.

The engineer noted that consultations were held with the residents of the community to determine what their needs are, and what is best suited for the residents. He said the aim is to help boost economic development in the community. “We want to also attract business so that they would be impressed and want to come on board, and help to provide other solar panels, so the whole idea is to lay the foundation for greater development,” Ketwaru underlined.

According to Ketwaru, the members from the community have been contributing towards the upkeep of the system. “We try to keep the

Deputy Toshao, Moraikobai, Mary Joseph

system independent of the Village Council, and not be seeking help from the Village Council for everything, but it is still overseen by the Village Council.” This will enable the residents to independently create the economy they want, Ketwaru pointed out.

Meanwhile, Deputy Toshao of Moraikobai, Mary Joseph said she welcomes the initiative which she believes would greatly benefit the community. “It would help to boost the guest house which would now have electricity. You would get to cool stuff when visitors come, so we are thankful for the GEA to do that for the community,” Joseph explained.

The deputy Toshao emphasised that several calls were made for the long -awaited solar panels for the residents, and the GEA finally came through in this regard.

Ketwaru explained that other communities have benefitted from solar photovoltaic systems through the Hinterland Electrification Project.


By: Ranetta Lafleur