More BIT programmes for Lindeners

Seven technical and vocational training programmes will soon be offered to Lindeners through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), as the agency continues its drive to upskill Guyana’s human resources and prepare citizens for the oil and gas industry.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, M.P. on Monday led a skills training consultation conducted at the Linden Technical Institute.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, M.P.

He said the response from the region signals its willingness to develop like the rest of the country.

“Linden can expect a lot of changes and transformation as regards executed programmes to develop the skill set of persons in Linden … in six months’ time we can positively contribute to changing that for the better of the community,” he said.

The minister said several sub- groups with representatives of local organs, the Guyana Police Force and others will be established to finalise plans within two weeks.

Electric installation, general building, trial skills fair and other ideas were highlight in the session.

Meanwhile, Minister Hamilton said Guyanese must be ready for the oil and gas industry.

Board of Industrial Training (BIT), Chief Executive Officer, Richard Maughn

“We, as Guyanese, have two choices which is either we allow the status quo to cry about expatriates taking the jobs or all of us together do some things to change what we have,” he said.

BIT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Richard Maughan told attendees that the technical institute has been able to address the region’s skills gap.

A section of the participants gathered at the Linden Technical Institute.

“The region’s technical institute has been doing a good job with generating skills, but based on what is currently needed in the country and so, we need to up the intake of the amount of individuals that are trained,” he noted.

He thanked the stakeholders for playing a role in the region’s transformation and by extension, the country.

“I guarantee you that we will deliver, but we can only deliver based on your guidance and the things that you say that you need.”