More persons benefit from ‘Dream Realised’ house lots

Several persons who applied for house lots over a decade ago received their lots at Block 18, Plantation Grove, East Bank Demerara during the Ministry of Housing and Water’s “Dream Realised” event on Tuesday. Minister Collin Croal, MP, said as more lands become available and infrastructure works done, more citizens stand to benefit.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal MP and Ms. Hilda Persaud at the “Dream Realised” event

“We committed in our manifesto… 50, 000 over the five-year period and, as part of that exercise, we also have to seek land, acquire land for us to have allocation exercises being done.

That is done of course, with various agencies involved because we also have to look at the broader context of our national planning in terms of land use,” he said, in an interview with DPI.

The Minister also said 334 land titles and transports have been prepared and can be collected.  He noted that the allocations are being done in targeted areas and persons desirous of becoming home-owners must complete their transactions before the Government transfers ownership.

Meanwhile, in an invited comment, senior citizen, Ms. Hilda Persaud, who said she applied for a lot in 2005, was grateful to have finally gotten her document.

“Thank the Ministers, thank all of the Ministries and everyone I thank.  God bless them to give me the land now that I can do something to help myself,” she said.

Taxi operator Mr. Peter Rickford also received his lot at the ‘Dream Realised’ event

Taxi operator, Mr. Peter Rickford, who said he applied for a house lot in 1993, is very happy to have finally received it.  

“I was so fortunate today that something told me to come up here and I came up and met the Minister [Susan Rodrigues MP] and I’m happy she has given me a house lot.”

Ms. Chandini Narine is thankful for her house lot

Ms.  Chandini Narine who applied in 2011 is also thankful for her lot.

“Thank God that we get through and the Government that we could get through now because we paying rent for so long so it’s a blessing.  I’m really happy,” the woman said.

The two-day exercise was held at the Guyana National Stadium at Providence.