More Reg. 3 mothers recognised

─ 75 mothers treated to entertainment and delicious meals

─ tokens of appreciation given to all mothers

DPI, Guyana, Monday, May 13, 2019

The room was full of happiness and excitement as working mothers from the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) gathered in the large boardroom of the complex for a well put together cultural presentation planned by the administration of the hospital. The programme integrated a semi-formal part that caused every mother present to reflect on their motherhood journey. For some, the reflection brought back tears of joy and memorable moments while some recounted the difficult times especially battling the war of taking care of the children and reaching to work on time.

According to Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr. Cerdel Mc Watt the ceremony was necessary to show appreciation for the hard-working staff of the hospital.

“Our hospital is a special one because we have had working staff who are mothers in every way. We must recognise all of you who are here for the strength you possess especially; the battle with getting it right at work and at home. Don’t let no one fool you, the most difficult joy there is, is not to become a mother but to be a mother and all of you are mothers – hard working ones too, and we dearly appreciate you,” RHO Dr. Mc Watt said.

The organiser of the programme, Hospital Administrator (HA), Kathlene Armstrong reminded the mothers that they must continue to be mothers of their children and any other child for the art of mothering a child does not just end with their children. “We must return to the days when we not only mother our children but all children that fall within our catchment. Part of making society a better place is for us to get involved in the upbringing of children all over. We must not correct our children and leave his or her friends out. Correct all of them and lead them in the right direction so that a better society is ensured.”

Armstrong also encouraged the mothers to reflect on their years as mothers and assess their actions. “When you reflect and should you see the need for some correction do it early and be proud of your child or children for they are without a shadow of double your bundle of joy.”

A total of 75 mothers were honoured and received tokens of appreciation from the RHO.

Story and Images: Ganesh Mahipaul.