More Region Eight schools benefitting from hot meal programme

GINA, Guyana, Monday, March 6, 2017

The Hot Meal programme has been extended in Potaro-Siparuni, Region Eight to include Campbelltown Nursery and Micobie Primary school.

Regional Education Officer, Region Eight, Rabindra Singh

Regional Education Officer (REDO), Rabindra Singh told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that Campbelltown Nursery school benefits from the National School Feeding Programme which provides biscuits and juice to students.

“We are also offering breakfast programme to the students in Kato Primary school as a continuation, and students in Kaibarupai Primary school, we are offering the breakfast programme there too,” the REDO added.

The Hot Meal programme is funded by the Ministry of Education. The region on the other hand takes care of the School Feeding programme.

The education sector for Region Eight received $845.759M from the $1.637B approved through the 2017 National Budget.

In 2015, President Granger launched the Five Bs initiative to ensure every child goes to school. This has resulted in the provision of buses, boats, bicycles, and later, books and breakfast to students. The private sector and citizens have partnered with the Government in this initiative.

The President hopes to spread the Five Bs initiative to more communities around the country in an aim to continue in his dream of Guyana becoming an ‘education nation’.

By: Neola Damon