More women needed in construction – GYSBI construction supervisor

Aliyah James, construction supervisor at Guyana Shore Base Inc. is quickly approaching her third anniversary with the company providing support to Guyana’s oil sector. 

Her encouragement for women is to join the construction technical field.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill with applicants at Guyana Shore Base Inc.’s Enmore job fair

“Working with GYSBI is a very good experience, especially working in the construction department. That was a very interesting role.

The construction department is definitely tasked with the job of building all our warehouses and shore base or building any facilities for the shore base. We deal with the clients directly, get their assessment on the scope of work. We complete it as per those requirements and of course, we do this with maintaining very high safety culture.”

James had to learn quickly. She said GYSBI provided a conducive environment for her to thrive and take up a role as a woman in a leadership position in construction.

Construction Supervisor at Guyana Shore Base Inc., Aliyah James

“Coming from a background without any construction related knowledge, I’ve learnt a lot in terms of building information, procedures, and working with a team that’s very much appreciative. And there was definitely no gender bias there. They treated me just as a normal staff.”

James made these comments during a job fair held by GYSBI at the Uitvlugt Community Centre earlier this month. Fairs were also held at Providence and Enmore, as part of GYSBI’s plan to ramp up by 150 Guyanese workers.

Guyana Shore Base Inc.’s Uitvlugt job fair

“We have a lot of projects coming online at Guyana Shore Base fairly soon,” said General Manager at GYSBI, Sean Hill. “We’re not bringing on anymore expats. We don’t believe we need to, because of the skills and the competencies of the Guyanese people we’ve already found so far, and we believe we’re going to continue to find.”

The PPP/C Government facilitated the expansion when it came into office by clearing US$16 million in permits.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill during the Enmore fair said that multiple shore base and port facilities are being erected to cater for the development of the oil and gas and other industries which will open numerous opportunities for employment.