NCTC extend work hours to accommodate clients

− evening clinic now an option

The National Care and Treatment Centre (NCTC) has extended its clinic hours to accommodate more persons seeking treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS.

National Care and Treatment Centre (NCTC)

NCTC Director, Dr. Abiola Jacobs, told DPI that the decision was made to ensure social distancing in keeping with the COVID-19 measures, and to facilitate those who could not attend day clinics.

“We commenced our extended hours clinic because we noticed that we needed to cater more to our key populations. We started working on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays up to 8:30pm.”

So far, the change has been welcomed, especially by those individuals who work during the day.

“We were able to really reach key populations with our evening clinic because it is quiet. People really love the atmosphere. It’s not as crowded as our day clinic and even if we have a lot of clients, there is a constant flow, so persons who don’t want to really be seen in the waiting area, as some of our clients who have issues and are not comfortable being around other clients, they find the evening clinic very helpful,” Dr. Jacobs said.  

Currently, over 6,000 persons living with HIV and other STIs are enrolled at the NCTC. Data from November 2020 indicate that 3,000 persons are being treated at the facility, with approximately 20 new clients.

The NCTC’s mission is to reduce the spread of STIs and HIV through accurate diagnosis, treatment and counselling, and to reduce stigmatisation and suffering associated with these conditions. Its ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence of STIs and HIV in Guyana.