New polyclinic for Festival City

Residents of Festival City and surrounding communities will now be able to access improved health care with the construction of a new polyclinic in the area.  

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony said while there is still more work to be done, the ministry needed to move into its own space to meet the needs of residents.

Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony and health team at the newly constructed polyclinic in North Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

“We were renting space at another location, and I really didn’t think that that location was conducive enough, and rather than wait until we finish every single thing in here for people to move in, we thought that it’s important for us to start here.”

The health centre, which was once under the control of the Regional Health Services, will now be managed by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Dr. Anthony expressed gratitude to the country’s premier health institution.

“I want to thank the management of the Georgetown Hospital because a month or so ago, when we had a tour here, they readily agreed that this particular facility can come under the management of the hospital. And I think they were very happy to facilitate that transition.”

Minister Anthony said he hopes the facility will set the bar to address the challenges faced by patients.

Newly constructed polyclinic to service citizens in North Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

“We are hopeful that you can set the bar, that when people come to the facility for service that they encounter friendly staff, staff who would work with them, understand their vulnerability because that’s why they’re here and you’d work with them to make them comfortable so that they can come back, get service and help to resolve whatever illnesses they have.”

Upgrades to the health facility will provide diagnostic services including blood testing, x-rays, ultra sounds, dentistry, and rehabilitation services.

The health centre has three general medical doctors, six nurses, one counsellor and two pharmacists to service citizens in basic health care.