New SOP’s for Police Fleet

DPI, Georgetown, Guyana, Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Guyana Police Force has established New Standard Operating (SOPs) procedures to effectively manage its fleet of vehicles, inclusive of the vehicles recently donated by the People’s Republic of China.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifton Hicken explained. “Coming out of our security sector reform we have realised the Strategic Planning Unit and they are looking at TORS (Terms Of Reference). And within that TOR they have developed a maintenance plan so what we are doing now is that we have decentralised logistics officers that span the seven administrative divisions and the departments. That is to be done so that across the board we will have standardisation in terms of maintaining the vehicles at the required standard as expected so that we can have the shelf life of the vehicles.”

Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken and Chinese Technical training officer Hou Jian flanked by representatives of the various Police Administrative Divisions.

In addition, the Assistant Commissioner says the new operating procedures will ensure that there is strict accountability with regards to the force’s fleet.

“It is expected that with the structures we have in place there is no room for neglect for the want of a better term because it will be managed from the force at the policy level and decentralised to the commanders. They have a responsibility to ensure what is decided at the policy level is enforced by them. It is expected, too that coming out of the decentralisation we will have databases in all the sub divisions that speaks to accountability for the vehicles and accoutrements in the divisions,” the Assistant Commissioner added.

According to Hicken, built into the database is a warning system that reminds when the vehicles are due for servicing and that will be controlled from a decentralised level but information will be sent to Georgetown for there to be a central database.

One of the technocrats has arrived in the country and is moving ahead to ensure that the force is adequately equipped with the necessary knowledge for the maintenance of these vehicles.

In keeping with the bilateral agreement between the Government of Guyana and the People’s Republic of China, technical training officer, Hou Jian, is currently here to conduct training in the use and maintenance of the donated vehicles.

“This training will be for a two-day duration and its expected that within the two days the ranks will be equipped adequately. We expect to have a roll out immediately after the training would have been completed,” Commissioner Hicken said.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifton Hicken and Chinese Technical training officer Hou Jian.

He further said that with their allocation to the various police divisions the vehicles will add to their efficiency in responding to reports and carrying out anti-crime patrols.

“With the decentralisation of the 911 system which covers 52 stations. It is expected that the vehicles will be strategically placed in proximity so that we can reduce our response time and build back the community relations and trust with members of the public. We expect also that the populace will be adequately policed given the resources we have, 56 in numbers. We are going to allocate adequately to the divisions so that they can look at the housing, busy areas shopping malls and crime-prone areas,” Commissioner Hicken assured.

The creation of Standard Operating Procedures for management of the force’s convoy of vehicles is a first for the Guyana Police Force and is a direct result of the formation of the Special Projects Unit within the Force according to the Assistant Commissioner.

The fleet of vehicles valued in excess of US$2 million was given as a gift to the Guyana Police Force by the Government of the Peoples’ Republic of China to aid in effective policing locally.


By: Kidackie Amsterdam


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