No issue of water supply at the Diamond Isolation Unit

DPI, Guyana, Monday, May 25, 2020

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) on Monday said there is no issue with the water supply at the Diamond Isolation Unit.

The Water Company was responding specifically to two articles published by Stabroek News, on May 17 and May 25, entitled “COVID-19 Patients Fear Poor Conditions at Diamond Isolation Unit Delaying Recovery” and “Doctors attempt to kick down door at Diamond Isolation Facility,” respectively.

According to a statement issued by GWI’s Public Relations Officer, Leana Bradshaw, both articles insinuated a “Repeated disruption of …water supply” at the facility; however, the investigation proved different.

“Checks were made to its external plumbing infrastructure. However, attempts to gain access inside the building to conduct further checks proved futile, since access was denied due to the presence of Covid-19 patients’’ the statement noted.

The PRO said, “the Regional Health Officer in charge of the facility related to GWI’s Regional Manager that there was no issue with water supply there and no other report of a disruption or water shortage at the Diamond Isolation Unit was made to GWI.”

The statement also noted that in there is indeed water disruption at this location, then it most likely an internal plumbing issue and should, therefore, be addressed by the Ministry of Public Health.

Bradshaw said without being able to gain access to the facility’s internal infrastructure, GWI cannot state exactly what the problem is, “but we wish to assure the public that all systems remain intact with our distribution of water supply to the populace.”