No Ring if it ain’t a Local Ting

Guyana Shop launches promotion of local products for weddings

DPI, Guyana, Friday, June 21, 2019

The Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) through its Guyana Shop outlet has begun its June “Month of Brides” promotion.

General Manager of GMC, Ida Sealey-Adams, spoke exclusively with the Department of Public Information, in the Guyana Shop located at the corners of Robb and Alexander Streets, to give some insight into the promotion.

“We are using the opportunity to showcase the products of our Agro-processors who manufacture items that can be utilised for honeymoons, bridal showers and weddings,

whether it’s through tasting, sampling or simply a display.”

While the initiative is a new one, the corporation expects that they will be able to conduct it for the entire month of June next year. Persons who visit the Guyana Shop will also be able to cash in on a variety of deals only available during the promotion.

Miss Adams highlighted the offer that is a hit with the local wine connoisseurs “We see the wines being used especially when we celebrate weddings. We can use the wines for showers, we can also use the wines for honeymoons, and it can be used throughout to celebrate anniversaries. So, when you purchase two bottles of the 750 ml wine, it entitles you to a small bottle free of cost.”

Some of the items on display include specially made plantain chips and chicken foot from Denise Tasty Snack, which is a brand that will soon be featured in the Guyana Shop, Golden Crunch Coconut Biscuits, a variety of fudge and mittai from Fresh Packager’s and a trail mix topped ice cream concoction from Tastesetters and Igloo Ice Cream. There is also a collection of dehydrated fruits that can be used for display or wedding favours to be shared with guests.

All of the products featured in the Guyana Shop are locally made. The promotion ends on the June 30 during that period on different days the Shop will feature one of the many agro-processors who will either provide samples or display their product.

Images: Abike Barker