Only Nat’l Reference Lab, Eureka authorised to conduct PCR test

-report other labs offering this test to police
-Minister Anthony

The National Public Health Reference Laboratory and the Eureka Medical Laboratories are the only two local medical facilities authorised to conduct the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for COVID-19 and any other facility purporting to offer this test should be reported to the police.

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony made this statement during Tuesday’s COVID-19 update.  

“There are only, and I repeat for emphasis, only two laboratories that have been accredited by the Ministry of Health which is the authority to accredit laboratories in Guyana, only they have met that standard, and that is the National Public Health Reference Lab and the Eureka Medical Laboratories.

Any other laboratory in Guyana who purports to be doing PCR testing is not in compliance with the directives of the Ministry of Health,” he said.

Any other facility offering the PCR test is doing so unlawfully.

“You should report them and report them to the police as well,” Dr Anthony said.  

Just last month, the Ministry accredited several private medical facilities to conduct the antigen test after examining their laboratory capabilities. However, none were accredited to conduct PCR testing.