Parabara village to get new Nursery School

-Black-Giant-Chicken Project to commence

Money will be set aside in the 2023 National Budget for the construction of a nursery school at Parabara, Region Nine.

The small community which is located within the Deep South Rupununi district, currently has almost 20 children that meet the age for nursery education.

President Dr Irfaan Ali addressing Region Nine residents

President, Dr Irfaan Ali made the announcement when he met with several residents in the community on Saturday.

“To ensure we have a facility for nursery school children… what I can assure you is that in next year’s budget, we are going to set aside money to have an additional extension of your school to cater for the nursery school children, so that they can have a specific classroom,” the head of state noted.

Major repairs are also in the pipeline for the teachers’ quarter in the village. The building will be fully furnished by the end of September, the president disclosed.    

Dr Ali assured that during the first quarter of 2023, every household in the Parabara village will benefit from the supply of solar electricity.

This will be made possible through an agreement inked between the Governments of Guyana and India back in 2021.

The pact entails the government providing solar electricity to 30,000 homes.

300 Black-Giant-Chicken project

Meanwhile, through the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) the community will also receive 300 black giant chickens to commence a poultry programme in that part of the region.

The president said the agriculture ministry will also work with residents who have an adequate amount of land above flooding areas to create a mixture of farms.

The planting technique could see the growth of food or cash crops, feed crops, and livestock on the same field.

Additionally, Dr Ali disclosed that a trial in marine cage farming will be done in the village and this will involve persons from the community.

He had previously contended that the innovative project could guarantee fisherfolk close to $8 million annually.

“This is how your government work, we come to you, we listen to you and we make the decisions in your interest,” President Ali emphasised.

Furthermore, the medical outpost in the Parabara village has since received a computer, while a printer which was requested, will be donated subsequently.

Other developments

Through the Guyana Water Inc., significant works and assessments will be conducted for residents to receive potable water. The money to offset the project will be made available through an allocation from the 2023 budget.

Responding to further requests, Parabara will soon receive an aluminium boat, while a 25 x 25 boat engine will be delivered to the community by the end of September.

President Ali said notwithstanding the many challenges faced over the last two years, specifically the COVID-19 pandemic, the government was still able to deliver on its promises to the citizens.

He noted that his government is crafting its development plans aligned with the Low Carbon Development Strategy.

It is in that plan the government wants to implement measures and programmes that would enhance the livelihood of residents there, and provide better opportunities, especially for the children.

“…that would make the village more prosperous, that would give these children the best possible future that they could even have,” the head of state said.