Parents anticipate successes at NGSA  

─ commend teachers for their efforts

With the long-awaited National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) beginning Wednesday morning, parents from across the city are optimistic that their children will perform exceptionally. 

Speaking with DPI, Latoya Haywood commended the two teachers of the North Georgetown Primary School, whom she noted worked around the clock to improve her son’s academic grades.

A father embraces her daughter before her examination this morning.

According to Haywood, her son’s performance in school decreased drastically after returning to school following its closure due to the coronavirus.

“She worked assiduously with them, keeping after lessons. She would call and give us pointers. The school even has a composition workshop so that the children who are weak were able to work. I’ll praise the teachers and first and foremost God, because I know for my son especially, he has a phobia for exams, so I am confident that he would do well,” Haywood stated.

Yolanda Ferrell, parent.

Another parent, Yolanda Ferrell endured a lot of sleepless nights to ensure her daughter studied. “Some of her privileges had to be taken away from her, for instance the tablet and the television. I feel confident right now,” the woman exclaimed.

While she is thankful for the online learning mechanism implemented by the administration during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure learning is maintained, Ferrell said her one challenge was the faulty internet connection.

“Sometimes she is online, and the internet keeps cutting off, and by the time she comes on back the class is finished or she missed half of the session. I am grateful that school eventually opened so that she could be able to come in school and work,” Ferrell noted.

Keisha Alleyne, parent.

Keisha Alleyne believes that her investment and the ‘burning of the midnight oil’ will pay off. “I know all of the children are going to do well throughout Guyana,” the mother of two underscored.  

She explained that it was a tough task focusing on both of her children, but she is self-assured of her daughter excelling at the NGSA.  

Meanwhile, Muriel Tinnis stood on the sidewalk at the front of the St. Agnes Primary in excitement, watching her child walk into the school compound.

Students before writing their examination this morning.

She recalled playing an integral role in the preparation phase of her child’s examination. Tinnis told DPI that she even utilised some of her free time tutoring other children preparing for the Grade Six examination.

 “I also helped other students in her class because they would come around us and it wouldn’t be fair for me to work with my daughter and not work with the children so I would pull the children together and question them and see if they understand,” Tinnis relayed.

Some 16,288 candidates across Guyana are registered to sit the NGSA this year.