Parfaite Harmonie begins ‘Blazin’ with GTT

  • 2nd phase of on-the-spot registration, installation of high speed internet service completed.

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, July 1, 2018

In efforts to continue to ‘do more’ for its customers, telecommunication giant GTT has spent two days in Parafaite Harmonie conducting registration and installation of its most recent superfast internet service powered by their fibre optic cable; GTT Blaze.

This is the second phase of the on the spot registration and installation that began on Saturday, June 30 and ended today July 1. The first phase was conducted two weeks prior.

Speaking to the Department of Public Information was the Support Officer Sherissa Critchlow who said that this is an effort of GTT to give the area a change in service provision since they only access the mobile service.

“The aim is that these areas here are grassroots areas in our view because we haven’t done anything here apart from mobile, so we want to come down here, give customers that change to have really awesome service.”

She continued “we don’t want them to wait; we want when they come to get signed up, in just a few hours, the technicians will call them and we’re at the home installing Blaze”

When asked about the response of the residents the Support Officer said that they have accomplished over 200 sales the day prior and from those sales, half of the installations have been completed.

“The response has been great, as anticipated, everyone is excited about the superfast internet services. As much as there’s rain, our technicians are still out there getting those installations done. So, we anticipate that all of those customers that we would’ve signed up during the course of this weekend will get installed.”

Currently, the Blaze service is in approximately 20 areas and is still expanding. Critchlow made it known that the company has put in immense efforts towards sensitising the public on the service and encouraging them to sign up. Teams are present on the roads, making calls, and customers have even been receiving blast texts on when the service would be available in their areas. Persons are also encouraged to visit retail stores to get signed up. As the service is made available in respective areas, after signing up, persons can get installed in 45-50 days.

Critchlow is encouraging the potential customer to consider the benefits of the service “Think of what you can do with up to 50mbps of service. You can stream your videos better, gaming, no longer are you buffering. Students who want to do online programmes and so forth, now with blaze you can do so much more, whether it’s for studies, play or work.”

The service has three packages:

Ignite: 5mbps download, 2mbps upload – $8,999 + $1,500 equipment rental

Flaming: 20mbps download, 8mbps upload – $10,999 + $1,500 equipment rental

Inferno: 50mbps download, 15mbps upload – $13,999 + $1,500 equipment rental

Persons are encouraged to get signed up as soon as possible. The service comes with a $12,000 installation fee that does not have to be paid upfront, but when customers receive their first bill. Customers purchasing this service will receive three things from each package: landline service, internet service and a backup battery which gives power from 4-6 hours of power.

By: Stephon Gabriel

Images: Leroy Lyttle