PM clarifies funds for Commissioner of Information have been allocated

– funds are catered for under a different line item

– former commissioner rendered office dysfunctional

– of the Officer of the Commissioner under active consideration

– person of integrity and requisite qualifications required

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo last evening said that former Commissioner of Information, Charles Ramson (Snr.) rendered the office dysfunctional. As a consequence, the government was forced to terminate his services.

“He has rendered no report to this National Assembly, has provided no account of what he has done,” the Prime Minister said.

In addition, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo told the National Assembly that the funds for the office of the Commissioner of Information have been allocated, under a different “line item” as the government actively considers a replacement.

“We recognise that this a statutory office and the contractual employment of the last commissioner having been terminated, the Department of Governance and the Office of the Prime Minister will be looking at what measures we have to fill the void…No provisions have been made under [line item] 6321 but we are reexamining the issue of the office of the Commissioner of Information under [line item] 6284” he explained.

The Prime Minister also disclosed that the Government and the former Commissioner of Information, Charles Ramson Senior, are engaged before the courts in a “series of litigations” for monies which the commissioner claims are owed to him.

The Prime Minister emphasised that it is necessary to assign someone who is fully qualified and of high integrity to function in the capacity of Commissioner of Information.

Anara Khan.

Image: Keno George.