PM says PUC webinar series will help Guyana raise the bar of service quality

Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips today applauded the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) monthly webinar series and noted that it will be used to raise the bar of service quality in Guyana.

In delivering the keynote address at the virtual launch of the event, the Prime Minister said that the series would stimulate and generate conversations on a wide range of issues affecting both operators and consumers alike.

“Today’s premier discussion is centred around telecommunication liberalisation and consumer expectations, and it comes at an opportune time for the Telecoms Sector as Telecoms encompasses all spheres of life and the use of Information Communications Technologies especially in the areas of Health, Education and Agriculture will only serve to enhance Guyana’s standing in this digital world.”

Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips

According to the Prime Minister, who has oversight for the commission, each topic will focus on essential aspects of national development, and stakeholders should use the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the national discourse. 

“My charge to all stakeholders is to use this opportunity to add to the national conversation on development and growth for all Guyanese… these issues include, the sustainability and the future of the energy sector; the role of ICTs; hinterland electrification and water quality”.

Prime Minister Phillips reminded that the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector last year puts Guyana on the cusp of welcoming a telecommunications market with new investors, paving the way for improved quality of services and standards.

He added that this intensifies the work of the PUC in ensuring that these high standards are maintained.

“The advent of liberalisation has now intensified the work of the Commission ten-fold, and the onus is now on the Commission to ensure that the citizens of this country receive an efficient and reliable service from the operators”.

Today’s panellists included the CEO of GT&T, Mr Damian Blackburn, Head of Business Sales, Digicel, Ms Nalini Vieira, Managing Director of E-Networks, Mr Vishok Persaud, Director of the Telecommunications Agency, Mr Andre Griffith and Advisor to the Guyana Consumers Association, Mr Yog Mahadeo.

The PUC, which commenced its operations in October 1990, is one of the oldest utility regulators in the region.