Pomeroon gets third David G boat

–Finance Minister commissions $10M boat and engine

–5B’s improving student performance in Region Two

DPI, Guyana, Monday, December 16, 2019

Scores of children living in villages along the Pomeroon River now have improved access to schools with a new high-powered engine and a new David G boat. The boat and engine was a promise kept by Minister of Finance, Hon. Winston Jordan.

The minister had conducted an outreach to Pomeroon several weeks ago and was told of the need for a boat by residents of Hackney.

The vessel, the third in the region’s fleet, forms part of the Public Education and Transportation System (PETS), commonly referred to as the 5 B’s, the brainchild of His Excellency, President David Granger.


Third David G Boat handed over to the Pomeroon

Minister Jordan told DPI on Tuesday that these types of acts are the legacy the Coalition Government believes in, one of development for all.

He added that these services provided worth beyond the actions taken by the previous administration, such as the one-time $10,000 school voucher they had touted.


Minister of Finance Honourable Winston Jordan

The 5B’s programme provides boats, buses, bicycles, books and breakfast free of charge to students in the 10 administrative regions. According to the Minster, this was a small step in the giant leap of development planned for Guyana.

Regional Executive Officer Denis Jaikaran said with three boats in operation, all of the students along the Pomeroon River will have access to transportation to attend school daily.

Meanwhile, Regional Education Officer (ag) Nicola Matthews noted that while schools with dormitory facilities already benefit from the hot meals programme, the education department had started providing breakfast to all students living in riverine and far-flung communities.

The initiative has improved school attendance at all levels.

Some schools on the Essequibo Coast currently benefiting from the programme include the 8th of May Secondary School, Anna Regina Secondary School, Charity Secondary, Aurora Secondary, and Capoey Lake Secondary School.

The government has made significant strides in bridging the gap between coastal and hinterland education, a process which will continue until each child has access to equitable and quality education.

President Granger has placed a premium on education and has said it will be given the highest priority when the ‘decade of development’ begins on January 1.