Pomona, Middlesex residents welcome Cabinet outreach to Region Two

Pomona and Middlesex, Region Two residents have welcomed the two-day Cabinet outreach spearheaded by President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali in the region.

On Saturday, Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, MP, and Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud, MP, urged residents to express their grievances, as their input plays a critical role in the development of the country.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, MP

Minister Benn assured the residents that the government is actively working on improving the lives and welfare of all citizens.

“We are here again to continue a next interaction and a next round of development of our country. We know that there is still much to do, we know we still have to make up for the period when the APNU/AFC were in government. We have to make up for the period where gaps were created, reversals were made and where we have to step forward again to look after the interest and welfare of the people in Guyana.”

Minister Persaud highlighted the integral role the people play in the country’s development. 

“Join with us in transforming this country, don’t ever conceptualise in your minds that Essequibo will be left behind the development of this country. We have already started the transformation of Guyana and better believe it every village; every region will transform,” the minister assured.

Both ministers recorded, responded and committed that all concerns raised by the residents of the communities would be investigated and resolved quickly. 

After the outreach, several residents shared their views on the initiative with DPI.

Vinoo Dyal said the government is making strides in a short time.

“Well, I feel great about it and I think what in general Essequibians need is these visitations. You see what happen in general and it was a taboo, a norm whereby we use to have some issues and you raise it at the local authority or the regional democratic council and some of the matters don’t get follow up.

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud, MP, addressing residents

“So, I think ministers on the ground coming to Essequibians is a dream come true. The government is in power for a year or year and a month for me it seems like they’re around for three, four years because the amount of progress in the length and breadth of Guyana it is amazing. I give kudos to the government.”

 Vishal Singh shared similar sentiments, “I feel very nice you can talk to the Minister ask them questions and they respond to you. I feel very happy to see the government doing so much for everybody not just Region Two alone but the whole of Guyana, the government is doing very good.”

Mohamed Jumnah said the government’s work transcends beyond colour and creed.

“The government doing very good very good very good for everybody, everybody, everybody …. every single person the government doing good for and I see, so I thank them very much.”

The ministers are expected to return to Essequibo to follow up and rectify issues raised by residents.