Power fully restored on the DHB after outage between span 10 to 61 last night

Electrical power has been fully restored between span 10 to 61, on the Demerara Harbour Bridge. This follows and unexpected power outage last evening which resulted in loss of power at the southern section of the bridge, and the southern section of the western tarmac.

The outage occurred around 6:00 pm.

Power was eventually restored at about 10:30 pm to the southern section of the western tarmac, however the bridge’s restoration between span 10 to 61 took a longer time.

“We were unable to address restoration of lighting on the bridge throughout the night, however, this morning the bridge electrical team resumed its trouble-shooting process, located the fault, and was able to fix the damage section by 6 am today.”

The Management of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation wishes to thank citizens and visitors for their continued support.