Pres. Granger confident in continuation of Coalition

– remains committed to choosing candidates with Guyana’s best interest at heart

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, October 27, 2019

Guyanese can remain confident in the strength of the Coalition to govern the nation.

Following a recent interview with His Excellency, President David Granger, conducted by journalist and radio personality Gordon Mosely, on his premier podcast ‘INSIDE Sources’, it remains clear that Guyanese can have continued confidence in the Ministers of Government and Public Officials.

His Excellency, President David Granger.

Describing it as a “new chapter in the life of the coalition” President Granger explained that evolution of the government in Guyana has begun. This evolution will see only the best candidates chosen for leadership.

When asked what he is looking for in candidates for his 2020 victory, he listed integrity, intelligence, commitment and loyalty to Guyana.

With these qualities, the Head of State assured, Guyanese will benefit tremendously through real achievable and sustainable development initiatives. Among these include the expansion of equitable, quality education opportunities, and vastly improved public services for hinterland communities.

I look forward to the continuation of the Coalition in office,” President Granger said.

Also, a feature of his next Cabinet is inclusivity. The president believes that persons from all demographics should be represented in the National Assembly. It is also his firm belief that women must be allowed greater leadership roles and as such, will continue to ensure that gender balance is observed in his Cabinet.

“We need to have Ministers and Public Officials who are incorruptible and un-bribable. The people of Guyana must be satisfied that their ministers are honest and that they are possessed with sufficient knowledge to take advice from the experts. We are looking for people who are committed to Guyana,” he reminded.

President Granger added that the selection process is not random, “it’s not a lotto, it’s not a game of nomination, it has to be very careful selection, is this the best candidate, in every respect.”

When the record of the Coalition is written, His Excellency remarked that people will speak about “the Granger-administration” and he is striving to ensure everyone associated with his administration is committed to the ideals and the objectives of the Coalition as a whole.