President Ali charges UG graduates to help revolutionise Guyana

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali charged the new graduates of the University of Guyana to use the knowledge, skills and values they have acquired from their tertiary-level education to revolutionise Guyana’s development.

In a pre-recorded video message played during their respective graduation ceremonies over the last week, the Head of State pointed to the importance of their university education.

“You, the graduates of the Class of 2020/2021, have successfully equipped yourself with the most potent arsenal of change: a university education. You must now use the knowledge, the skills and the values that you would have acquired to change your personal circumstances and revolutionise Guyana’s development.”

The President stressed that Guyana needs expertise, more so because of the transformative drive to not only modernise, but to diversify the economy.

He said that his Government will attach “extreme importance” to developing and retaining its highly-skilled and knowledgeable graduates, while explaining the importance of tertiary-level education.

“Your education will unlock doors and open windows of opportunities for you to contribute to national development.”

Education, according to the President, must also be used to dismantle the barriers of prejudice, hatred and enmity, which he said can deprive us of being the best we can be.

 “You are the generation in which Guyana’s future resides, and it is you to whom we look to realise a ‘One-Guyana’.”


President Ali added that his Government believes in the transformative power of education and has devoted increased resources towards improving the country’s education system, including university education.

To this end, he emphasised that his Government remains committed to equipping the University of Guyana with the tools needed to respond to the needs of an increasingly knowledge-based society.

“We intend to continue to expand the range of university programmes available to students and, by 2025, to guarantee free university education.”

The President reminded that currently, the Government is enhancing access to higher education, including through the provision of more than 20,000 online scholarships and other initiatives.

He said that this aims to create a large and highly-skilled human resource pool.

“Guyana’s future will be assured if we can continue to train and retain our human resources to propel our country’s transformative agenda. You, the graduates of the class of 2020/2021, are integral to that future.”