President Ali commits to more interventions for Middle Mazaruni communities

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali continued his outreach in Region Seven on Friday, meeting with residents of Tasserence, Kangaruma, and Issano in Middle Mazaruni.

During the engagement, President Ali made a series of commitments, assuring residents of his government’s steadfast dedication to ensuring essential services are of good quality and easily accessible.

Residents took the opportunity to express concerns, including issues related to internet access in schools and health centres, teachers’ salaries, inadequate recreational facilities, and the pressing need for improved infrastructure.

Addressing the concerns raised by teachers in the three communities, the president pledged to streamline the salary payment process by ensuring public officers’ salaries are disbursed within their respective communities.

This move stemmed from the fact that some teachers have to travel to Bartica to access their pay.

Furthermore, President Ali committed to installing government-sponsored WiFi at access points in schools and health centres across the communities, aiming to enhance connectivity and access to vital online resources.

“In the three villages, we are going to look at all the teachers’ quarters, the doctors’ quarters, the health centres, and the schools, and we are going to try to see what investments are needed to make these facilities more comfortable. We are going to work on that within the next two to three weeks to see how we can get that completed,” the president pledged.

In the area of agro-processing, the president promised that a collaborative approach would be taken to explore opportunities for enhanced production in key areas.

“We want to identify which communities we can do honey production and beekeeping with. We want to identify where we can do poultry farms to have egg production,” President Ali explained.

He also identified meat bird production as a viable avenue and stated that for communities exploring this venture, the government will look into providing solar freezers for storage.  

The Ministry of Agriculture will return to these communities in the coming weeks to discuss this and other matters.

Residents also advocated for the construction of a well and airstrip in Issano, and the president assured that the possibility of establishing an airstrip would be explored after finding suitable land.

“Here at Issano, we are going to look at the well. We will have to find the land to see whether there is a possibility of establishing an airstrip here to support these communities,” he told residents.

Issues concerning mining will also be addressed by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission.

“Within the next two to three weeks, the different agencies will be here to ensure that we deliver on all of these things and work out a programme as to how we will do these things for you,” the head of state asserted.