President Ali urges public condemnation of WPA member’s ‘divisive, terrorist’ remarks

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has condemned the abhorrent, divisive and terrorist remarks made against the State by Working People’s Alliance (WPA) member Tacuma Ogunseye.

He was referring to comments Ogunseye made during a community meeting in Buxton on Thursday evening.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

Ogunseye claimed ‘confusion’ as the reason why some Afro-Guyanese have expressed feeling of oppression, despite having “all the guns in their hands”.

He also seemed to encourage the use of violence to achieve the goals of his colleagues, stating that, “any time we turn those guns in the right direction, it is over”.

President Ali pointed out that the remarks sought to influence persons in a direction that would cause havoc and disharmony—repercussions which could destroy any modern society.

He also denounced the ‘racist, opportunistic dismantlers’ on the opposition side, stating that unity appears to be a foreign concept for the opposition.

“They don’t understand what building is. They have never been associated with building anything that is good,” he expressed.

The president urged Guyanese, especially the private sector, religious leaders and civil society groups, to listen objectively to the remarks that were made by Ogunseye—statements supported by members of the opposition— and asked them to consider whether the opposition deserves the platform they continuous demand.

“Are these leaders? Are these the type of people we want to lead our country? Are these the type of people we want even to be associated with leadership in any political system, or any political party? Can these people who shared that stage have the best interest of Guyana at heart?” President Ali questioned.

He also encouraged residents of Buxton not to allow themselves to be used by the ‘power-hungry’ opposition that frequently uses the community as a breeding ground for its propaganda.

He also committed to standing against similar terrorist remarks and actions by members of opposition parties and organisations.

“Your president will stand up every single day for what is right’ will stand up every single day in support of democracy, in support of unity, in support of development. So, all the guns that he’s talking about, let him turn them to me. Because no gun or bullet would stop us on this path of unifying our people, on this path of developing our country, and on this path of uplifting the lives of our people, the people of this country,” he said.

The head of state reiterated that the government will not tolerate these remarks or this behaviour, and noted that Guyanese should be vocal in their disapproval of such statements.

He also expressed pride and confidence in the leadership of the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), and reinforced its commitment to democracy, freedom, justice, and fairness.

“And as long as it takes, and as many guns as it may take pointed in my direction and in the People’s Progressive Party Civic’s direction, we have to make that sacrifice in the interest of Guyana, in the interest of the unity of our people, the interest of the development of our people, in the interest of the upliftment of our people, and in the interest of Guyana.”

He reminded Guyanese to be mindful and considerate of the words amd actions displayed by those who call themselves leaders but exhibit destructive tendencies, questioning, “Is this their presentation of leadership? If it is, then my dear brothers and sisters, you see what a bad decision can result in.”