President Ali’s plans for development visionary but practical -VP Jagdeo

Vice President Hon. Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo says His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s inaugural address to the 12th Parliament is already garnering positive feedback.

President Ali today laid before Parliament his Government’s plan for Guyana’s development. The event was also attended by other civil society stakeholders and members of the diplomatic community.

Vice President, Hon. Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

“The comment that I heard from most people is a combination of vision with extremely practical measures. Often from a President you do not get that kind of detail without it becoming overbearing. So, we are extraordinarily pleased that the President set out the framework for the development of our country,” Vice President Jagdeo said while addressing members of the media.

Dr. Jagdeo noted that President Ali grounded his initiatives in the PPP/C’s manifesto and made it clear that his Government is committed to fulfilling the promises made.

“That is critical for us because a lot of people were saying prior to the elections that the plans were too ambitious. That if you win the elections then you would not be able to implement it,” he stated.

“Up to now we hold those plans we put to the electorate dearly and they will form part of the transformation agenda. So, we are extremely pleased that the framework has been set so early in the Government and the President has given directions to the Ministers to get this implemented,” the Vice President added.

President Ali in his address said the manifesto is a statement of Government’s ambition for the country which they will aim to fulfil.

“Like all ambitions we shall have to mould it to life’s changeable realities – to the realities of Guyana as impacted by the world of which we are part. It is the path we shall follow in fulfilment of our dream for Guyana,” President Ali stated.

Dr. Ali said that while fulfilment cannot be immediate in all matters, there is no doubt that Government will resolve to keep the promises made in its manifesto. The President mentioned the Government’s effort to create 50,000 jobs for Guyanese and the means of accomplishing the feat.

The President said the expansion of the construction sector, investment in mega-scale infrastructure and the spin-off major private sector investments in new hotels and shore-based facilities will lend to the creation of thousands of jobs.

Additionally, through the 2020 Emergency Budget, Government also kept a significant number of its manifesto promises. The removal of value-added tax on water, electricity and export, reversal of land rental fees, increase in old age pension, free water for pensioners, liberalisation of the telecommunication sector and the return and increase to $15,000 of the cash grant for school children are just a few.

Budget 2021 which is to be presented on Friday is expected to build on the framework established by the Government in its manifesto and last year’s budget.


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