President Granger supports GECOM reform

─ says Carter Formula has “exhausted its usefulness”, creates gridlock rather than consensus

─ Commissioners should be appointed through parliamentary process – Pres. Granger

─ discussions will be held with Leader of the Opposition upon resumption of talks  

DPI, Guyana Sunday, September 2, 2018

President David Granger is supporting the proposal for reformation of the Guyana Elections Commissions (GECOM) and has expressed the view that commissioners should be appointed through a parliamentary process.

The president, who was speaking during a press conference on Friday last, said the commissioners should be appointed by GECOM similar to the Public and Police Service Commissions, nominated and recommended by National Assembly.

Further, President Granger said the Carter Formula, which is currently in use has exhausted its usefulness, noting that it is more a formula for gridlock rather than consensus.

“I’m in favour of reform but we must adopt the architecture, we must adopt the procedures which are in place for other constitutional commissions,” the president stated.

The Carter-Price formula, created by former United States President, Jimmy Carter and former Prime Minister of Belize, George Price, allows the Opposition Leader, after consultations, to present the president with a list of nominees from which to choose a Chairperson for the Elections Commission.

The Constitution also provides for the appointment of six commissioners, three appointed by the president in his own deliberate judgement, and three appointed by the president acting on recommendations by the Opposition Leader, after meaningful consultations in the National Assembly.

The president, noted, however, this reform may be considered after consultations with the Opposition Leader when the engagements resume this month. 

By: Stacy Carmichael.

Image: Keno George.