Private Sector come out to Mash 49

― Chinese Association of Guyana, Guyana Shore Base Inc. among others

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, February 23, 2019

As various bands paraded along Vlissengen Road in their colourful costumes whilst dancing to sweet Soca music, many observers experienced a delightful surprise when they saw vibrantly coloured Chinese dragons being hoisted in the air and waved rhythmically from side to side.

Member of the Chinese Association of Guyana, Mei Wang said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of participating in Mashramani celebration and are anticipating next year’s event.

Many Chinese natives also came out in their numbers, displaying colourful masks and elegantly embroidered traditional Chinese gowns. Further, the men performed the dragon dance to traditional Chinese music as other members of the band marched alongside them.

On a wider note, there were several first-time participants in Mash 49, including the Guyana Shore Base Incorporated, Viking Sounds-sponsored by SuperBet, Fame Band Incorporated, 592 Beer Band and Wave Beer Band.

Notably, Guyana-Trans United Band marked Mash 49 as its second year of participating in the annual celebrations. Further, a member of the band indicated that the band was having “fun” whilst “living up to the Guyanese motto – One People One Nation One Destiny”.

The view was held by many that Mashramani has a history of uniting people across all lines and this cohesive quality is reflected in the participation of organisations such as the Chinese Association and the further integration of corporate entities in this uniquely Guyanese celebration

Onika Bobb

Images: Department of Public Information, Jules Gibson