Public urged to lend assistance to EMTs at the scene first – Min Benn

Persons who are present at any accident or emergency scene are being encouraged to assist Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in whatever way they can, to save the lives of injured persons.

This call was made by Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn at the launching of the Emergency Medical Services in Region Five recently.  

Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn

Minister Benn explained that this is important as it will allow the injured persons to receive medical attention as soon as possible.

“The first thing that we ought to do is not rush to take our iPhone but to see where we could rationally, carefully, provide support where there is an emergency, an accident, removal of persons, medical intervention required in a discipline, rational way,” Minister Benn stated.

This plea was also echoed by Director of the National Emergency Medical Services Dr Zulfikar Bux.

The Director said videoing and taking photos only puts pressure on the EMTs when they are doing their jobs.

“Don’t put them [EMTs] under pressure by videoing them and critiquing them. I know this is the age of social media but it doesn’t help when you put pressure on people who are trying to save lives,” Dr Bux stated, before explaining that every second counts to save the lives of persons who are injured.  

Anyone who is injured or requires medical attention can dial 912 to access the Emergency Medical Services, as well as the Guyana Fire Service.  However, persons are being urged to desist from prank calls.

Dr Zulfikar Bux, Director of the National Emergency Medical Services

Meanwhile, Minister Benn noted that prank calls are burdensome to the Guyana Fire Service and the EMS.

“Because in many instances, of course, they respond to a call, use up the resources, the adrenaline of course at a personal level and the energy to respond to the prank calls and it’s like the question we hear and talk about, crying wolf, or shouting fire in a crowded cinema and when you are supposed to be ready to respond to a real crisis, perhaps you are not all efficient as a result of already being worn out as a result of the issue of prank calls,” he said.

The Guyana Fire Service has since issued a final warning stating that perpetrators who continue to make prank calls will be sanctioned.