“Put aside your differences, collaborate to develop your community”- Min Hastings-Williams

DPI, Guyana, Friday, February 23, 2018

As the Golden Arrowhead was hoisted to commemorate the country’s 48th Republic Anniversary in Port Kaituma, Region One, Minister of Public Affairs, Dawn Hastings-Williams urged the residents to put aside their differences and work together to develop their community.

Minister of Public Affairs, Dawn Hastings-Williams during her address to the people of Port Kaituma, Region One.

Speaking at the ceremony at the Port Kaituma Community Ground, Fitzburg, Minister Hastings-Williams noted that Mashramani is a time when Guyanese shelve their differences and celebrate as one; therefore, the people of Port Kaituma must use the opportunity to be retrospective; cast aside their political, religious, and racial affiliations and work in unity for one common cause.

The minister also used the opportunity to remind the residents of some of the unfolding district developments, including the rehabilitation of their roads and the construction of a new hospital at Oronoque.

“Today, I am very proud when I landed here in Port Kaituma, I remembered when I came here for the first time in 2015, it took me a very long time to get to the airstrip and then I visited the community of Oronoque to meet with the people, it took me even longer to get there. However today when I came, I didn’t travel with much difficulty,” Minister Hastings-Williams said.

The Public Affairs Minister pointed to the fact that Port Kaituma is a very important community in the Barima-Waini Region, as such the government is committed to developing the area and improving the living standard of the residents.

“You must never see yourself as an insignificant community. You have a lot of talent and resources and if we put our hands together and minds together and our financial resources together, we can bring Port Kaituma a very far away”, she stated.

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley.

Urging the residents to be the eyes and ears of the central, regional and local government, Minister Hastings-Williams reminded “You are the guardians of any projects being undertaken in the area. You, the people must hold the local democratic organs responsible because you put them there, and they are your servants.”

She also reminded that Local Government Elections will be held this year, and the villagers must elect leaders that have their best interest at heart.

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, while noting the transformation that took place since the country gained its republic status, said that “As Guyanese, we have much to be proud of.”

Ashley added that as a people, Guyanese must possess the courage and patriotism to work towards creating a better Guyana.

The residents were entertained by several cultural items in the form of dance, songs, and skits by the community’s youths.

Kezia and Kasia Alberts performing a dance.

Kezia Alberts performs her calypso song.


Students of the Port Kaituma Secondary School Dormitory performing a dance.


The hoisting of the national Flag at the Port Kaituma Community Ground, Region One.


By: Synieka Thorne


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