Radio Bartica goes live with local broadcasters

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DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Only months after starting training in radio broadcasting, ten residents of Region Seven are now ready to hit the airwaves of Radio Bartica (95.1 FM).

On Monday, the first two trainee broadcasters were live, showing off their new skills acquired over the eight weekends of training held at the Bartica Learning Resource Centre. The instruction course was conducted by communication specialist Dr. Rovin Deodat.

“The training was basically the elementary things in broadcasting like pronunciation, enunciation, reading and presentation,” he said. “We also went through interviews…Half of the training was done in a classroom setting, then we brought them upstairs to be able to manage the consoles.”

Being interviewed on air was the Bartica’s Deputy Mayor Kamal Persaud who is also the regional radio director. “It is indeed a proud moment for me to have this achievement. It is a great opportunity not only for Bartica, but the entire Region Seven,” she announced during the live broadcast. According to Persaud, a year ago there was not a thought that the township would have its own radio station, let alone local broadcasters. “This is a great achievement for us!”

Conducting the interview was Regional Manager Michella Abraham-Ali who will be guiding the broadcasters by visiting the station at least once per month. In the interim, she will be in daily contact with the team and overlooking their programmes.

Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister Omar Bissoon said Monday’s broadcast was Bartica’s first “bumper crop” with “ten beautiful, talented, broadcasters being inaugurated.” According to him the team is the first of many others that will be trained in the region.

The presenters will produce one-hour programmes for now, Dr Deodat said. These will include developments within the education, health, social services, and infrastructure sectors within the municipality and the region at large.

Radio Bartica was commissioned back in November 2017 by President David Granger. The broadcasters training forms part of the Regional Radio Stations of Guyana programme designed by the Office of the Prime Minister.

By: Alexis Rodney.

Image: Gajuan Jordan.