Radio Mabaruma serving its purpose – No more partial information!

─ residents well informed with Radio Mabaruma

DPI, Guyana, Friday, October 18, 2019

The residents of Mabaruma are no longer receiving biased information since the establishment of the Radio Mabaruma in 2016. The residents of the town in Region 1 said that they are now better informed since they receive real-time information from ‘both sides of the coin’ live from the 95.1 frequency.

Evelyn Melville has been a resident of the recently established town for over 20 years. She expressed satisfaction that information is now available from all parts of the country when she turns on her radio. “It makes me feel connected because you get news direct. You are now able to get the correct information, no more hearsay.”

She further highlighted that the people of the region “are happy about that because when things are happening in the region, everybody is aware of what is occurring because they have the radio station to highlight what is happening and even the other news like NCN and we are so grateful.”

Jokingly, Melville noted that she tells everyone that “if it [radio station] is to be taken away from me, I would want to leave this place because I cannot go back to the way it was previously. We have seen a new light, it’s a new day,” she stated.

Ronald Cox, a senior teacher at the Northwest Secondary School, also echoed similar sentiments. Cox said that since the establishment of the radio station, when officials visit, the entire region is aware of what their visit entails and what developments to expect.

“If we have a programme in the region, we invite the persons to the radio station. So, they are not just coming to the region and speaking to a specific group of persons, but instead, through the radio station, they are broadcast regionally. So, the students would learn, the teachers would learn and be updated on what is happening in the region,” he explained.

Cox mentioned the recent observance of ‘Fire Prevention Week’ where the station was used to inform the residents in the region on some of the ongoing activities and at the same time, share fire safety tips.

Samya Goodman, who is also the reigning Miss Region 1, described Radio Mabaruma as progressive as it reaches people in the region who do not have access to the internet. “With this radio station, we get to connect to them, and if you have something to tell them, it is easier to connect with them via the radio,” Goodman underscored.

She also believes the station is an excellent tool to promote businesses in the region. “Through promotional ads, the people would be more aware of the local businesses and in turn support so, it will have a positive impact.”

Radio Mabaruma is the second regional radio station to be commissioned after radio Lethem in Region 9. It is part of the Coalition Government’s aim to expand the reach of broadcast media to all hinterland communities. To date, four more stations were launched which includes Radio Mahdia in Region 8; Radio Bartica in Region 7; Radio Orealla in Region 6 and Radio Aishalton in Region 9.