Regardless of school, represent the uniform you are wearing! – Minister Norton

  • Minister Norton meets Region Seven’s top NGSA performers

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, July 14, 2018

Minister of Social Cohesion Dr. George Norton presented gifts to some of Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Region Seven’s top performers at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination.

The presentations were made during a recent visit to Bartica.

The Social Cohesion Minister who accompanied by the Chief Education Officer, Marcel Hutson and Director of Sport, Christopher Jones met with four of the students, along with their parents and teachers. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the other students were unable to be there.

The students who were honoured are Kenneth Edwards, who gained a placement at St Roses High with 505 marks; Dante Adams at Three Miles Secondary School with 493 and also at Three Miles Secondary are Sholanna Seeram and Mark Benjamin with 484 and 478 marks respectively.

Minister Norton congratulated those who played a role in the students’ success and reminded the students to always be cognisant of the alma mater they represent. “Teachers, parents and students, you did well. Regardless of whether it’s St Roses, St Stanislaus, Bishops or Queens, it’s what you do in the school, that is the important thing.  I want you to represent the uniform that you’re wearing.”

The minister told the students they now have an opportunity to grow and develop. He also encouraged the parents to continue to play a meaningful role in the lives of their children.

Minister Norton also noted that educational and infrastructural standards must be the same across the country. “The policy of this government is to have an equal playing field. We could have only achieved those results because of the policies implemented.”

He made a call for more youth involvement in sport. “It is not all work and no play, we want rounded Guyanese! We want right now that you must be able to tell me about tomorrow’s game in the world cup. So, I’m saying this to the parents, it’s not all work and no play.”

The Director of Sport, Christopher Jones tangibly echoed this view by donating sporting equipment to the schools of Region Seven.

The minister and team also met with head teachers and teachers to discuss ways of moving forward.

By: Stephon Gabriel

Images: Anil Seelall