Region 10 communities benefit from follow-up visit by Minister Todd

Commitments made to address priority issues affecting residents

Region 10 communities including Bamia, Amelia’s Ward Phase One, Two, Three and Four and Cinderella City benefitted from a follow-up outreach led by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd.

During his interaction with residents, issues relating to dilapidated roadways, lighting, agriculture and infrastructure were raised. 

Minister Todd listening to the concerns of residents during the outreach

Minister Todd in brief remarks iterated government’s commitment to resolving issues at the community level.

“Our outreaches across Guyana, from the time we took office, they’re all designed to ensure that we are very much in touch with what is going on the ground. If we can make every community more prosperous, Guyana becomes more prosperous and Guyana cannot become prosperous without you involved,” he underscored.

He said government is working aggressively to ensure that every community is urbanised.
Assurances were also given that priority issues will be addressed.

Residents were encouraged to work with the government as part of efforts aimed at improving their lives and communities.

Residents came out in their numbers to highlight their concerns

“We have to work together and working together means that we have to give you proper representation but you have to put in the time and the energy. It cannot be one-sided. If we work hard in government and you don’t work hard on the ground, you won’t see the fruits of the partnership and that partnership means we have to work together,” Minister Todd stressed.

He explained that the outreaches aim to ensure that the local organs are functioning in the best interest of the people.

This is a follow-up visit to President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s outreach conducted in January.