Region 10 riverain communities elect new Toshaos

– new councils also selected

– called onto to be transparent and accountable

DPI, Guyana, Friday, June 1, 2018

The Upper Demerara-Berbice riverain communities of Sandhills, Wiruni, Kimbia, Calcuni and Hururu have newly elected Toshaos after residents demonstrated their democratic right to vote during elections, held last week.

The elections were observed by regional officials including Regional Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph. There were no glitches and Adolph expressed satisfaction that the democratic process had been run smoothly in these small communities.  New councils, to be headed by the Toshaos, were also elected.

Andre Lindee was elected as the new Toshao for Sandhills; Wayvon King won 56 out of the 82 votes in Wiruni, making him the new Toshao; 58 of 96 votes in Kimbia went to the new Toshao Rickey Boye; Ken Campbell won 32 out of 53 votes for Calcuni; and Winsbert Benjamin won 75 out of the 164 votes for Hururu.

The new Toshaos were presented with their official documentation by Adolph. He advised the leaders to work collaboratively with the Council and the residents who elected them.  Adolph related that one of the main issues residents have is the unaccountability of the communities’ funds and therefore he emphasised that transparency must be their watchword. He urged, “There must be transparency.  Some Toshaos believe that they are the boss over the finances. Many areas do not give proper accountability so I am pleading with you to work together to give proper accountability and to cooperate.”

Elymewell Barkoye, voted in as a Councillor for Hururu, said that the new Council will be working assiduously to produce a report of the community’s funds that have not been accounted for while putting steps in place to ensure transparency and accountability will be taken very seriously.  The community garners funds from forestry operations royalties, use of the landing, hiring of engines, a daycare facility, private school and other community projects.

Village Elections began on May 21 in all Indigenous communities, countrywide.

By: Vanessa Braithwaite.   

Images: Vanessa Braithwaite.