Region 7 exploring storm shelters for Upper Mazaruni communities

DPI, GUYANA, Monday, September 4, 2017

The Regional Chairman of Region Seven, Gordon Bradford said there is need to develop storm shelters in the upper Mazaruni communities.

Regional Chairman of Region Seven Gordon Bradford.

Following the recent destruction of buildings in Kako, after a windstorm, Bradford told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the Region is working with the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs and the Guyana Civil Defence Commission(CDC) to develop storm resistant infrastructure.

“We have identified some buildings which are concrete in nature and we know that it will take a really severe wind to remove that so in the event of the heavy storm residents should seek shelter at these buildings,” Bradford said.

The recent storm destroyed six buildings and damaged others including the school in Kako, some mere months after the community recovered from flooding.  Bradford said there have been increased reports of stormy weather in upper Mazaruni communities.

“My information is that over the past five or six days this has been a regular occurrence around 2-2:30, 3 o’clock in the afternoon (there is) this thunderstorm, lightening, thunder, rains and the heavy winds. So, my advice to residents is to look out and be prepared,” he said.

Jawalla, another Region Seven community was hit by a similar windstorm late in August, resulting in one death.  The Region Seven regional administration has been working with the CDC to monitor these communities and provide relief where needed.


By: Tiffny Rhodius