Region Eight’s education sector being boosted

GINA, GUYANA, Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Micobie Primary School is currently under renovation and is 50 per cent complete. The construction of a primary school at Kaibarupai and sanitary blocks at Chiung Mouth and Itabac primary schools are also on the cards for this year.

This was revealed by Region Eight, Regional Education Officer (REDO) Rabindra Singh in an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA).

Regional Education Officer, Region Eight, Rabindra Singh

The infrastructural work which is ongoing at the Micobie Primary School will benefit over 100 students. Singh explained that the construction work is much needed since the previous state of the building was not suitable for learning to take place.

Additionally, Singh said that the administration was able to complete other capital projects within the first two months of 2017. This includes the fencing of Paramakatoi Secondary School. Meanwhile other works are expected but are awaiting the award of tenders.

“We have quite a few capital infrastructure to attend to or should I say repairs to be done for 2017, but at this point, we are waiting because we have to tender it out first, we are probably in the process of tendering and when it goes out then we can ask for a release of funds,” Singh explained.

Students within Region Eight will also benefit from the completion of a kitchen facility and extra classrooms at the Pakaraima Nursery and Secondary Schools.

The Region Eight REDO highlighted that most of Region Eight’s capital infrastructural works for the education sector should be accomplished by June – July. Upgrades and rehabilitation of schools in the region are aimed at ensuring students have access to quality education.

Region Eight was allocated $845.759M for the education sector from the $1.637B given to the region in the 2017 National Budget. The infrastructural works at Pakaraima Nursery and Secondary School, the Primary School at Kaibarupai, sanitary blocks at Chiung Mouth and Itabac will be completed to the tune of $43.7 M.

By: Neola Damon