Region Five residents benefitting from more TVET programmes

More Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programmes were rolled out on Tuesday through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) in Moraikobai village, Region Five.

The new courses include electrical installation and joinery.

Some 15 persons have registered for the electrical installation classes, while another 25 signed up for joinery.

Some of the residents who recently graduated

Additionally, a new batch of 17 persons was enrolled in the commercial food preparation programme which was being offered previously.

The programmes will help residents to enhance and develop their technical skills and take up employment at various entities. In some cases, persons will be able to establish or expand their businesses.

The new programmes were agreed upon by the village Toshao and other representatives after carefully assessing the needs of residents there.

On Wednesday, 32 persons from the village graduated from similar programmes which include boat building and garment construction.

Persons from the new batch enrolled in the programmes at Moraikobai

From that batch , a total of 14 persons received certificates in commercial food preparation and nine graduated in garment construction and boat building collectively.

The rolling out of these programmes by the ministry serves as a way of improving the lives of persons in far reached communities.

The Ministry of Labour has disclosed a total of 312 persons from Region Five benefitted from these programmes in 2022.

These programmes were implemented by the government to ensure that everyone has access to training opportunities to gain life skills.