Request to nullify election to be considered by GECOM Chair

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, June 16, 2020

As the second day of the deliberation is underway the Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission Justice (retd) Claudette Singh is currently considering requests submitted by Commissioner Vincent Alexander.

This was disclosed by GECOM Commissioner Vincent Alexander who said he made the case that the current results of the elections do not reflect the will of the Guyanese people.

Alexander was at the time addressing members of the media outside of GECOM’s Headquarters. “The Chairman has asked for time to consider the matter and for us to convene at 3:30 hours,” he stated.

He noted that during the meeting of the commissioners this morning, it was agreed that the observation reports by both the Chief Elections Officer and CARICOM play an “integral part” when it comes to the declaration of the final results.

Alexander highlighted that in his presentation, he made it clear that people should not be disenfranchised and that the “true value of a voter’s vote must be taken into consideration.”

Taking into account the numerous irregularities that were highlighted in both the reports of the CEO and the CARICOM team, Alexander said these have affected thousands of votes. He noted, “if everyone’s vote is taken into consideration, (including the questionable ballots) it will impact negatively the true results of the elections.”

He underscored that “our conclusion is that we should have a new election to ensure that every Guyanese is properly enfranchised and that the result is a reflection of the individual will and the collective will of the Guyanese people. As it is the results cannot be a true reflection because of the anomalies and the irregularities that have been found in the course of the recount.”

Alexander posited that he has made an impartial case adding that any reasonable person would be will to accept same.

The recount process is currently in its penultimate stage, that is the review of the report by the Chief Elections Officer and CARICOM by the Elections Commission’s Chairperson and its Commissioners. The final stage will see the declaration of the results by the Chairperson after having studied the report.



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