Residents, entrepreneurs in Mandela area laud coming four-lane highway

─ will give businesses a chance to bloom, ease traffic congestion

The new Eccles to Mandela access road is in its final stages and is expected to be completed in approximately two weeks.

Residents in the area said Monday, that the project will positively affect their businesses and ease traffic buildups.

“Well the traffic is really build up a lot, it’s hard to catch bus…on an afternoon, especially when you going up the [East Bank Demerara]…so I glad about this road because it gon be an easy access to go up the bank,” one Farm, East Bank Demerara resident Natasha Marques highlighted.

Natasha Marques

Moreover, with her business located on Mandela Avenue, Marques noted that the new road will allow for more vehicles to traverse the vicinity of her shop, making it easier for her business to be noticed.

“I can’t wait for the road done to establish my business more, so I could be closer to persons passing by. It will benefit me a lot because it will be easier for persons to stop and buy,” she explained.

Meanwhile, long time tinsmith Murvin Davson, expressed satisfaction over the new highway.

Murvin Davson

“The new road I could see right now…the more people pass, the more people gon get to view and look into the kind of products I got and so. So, it’s going to be a vast improvement for me,” he noted.

Another resident and businesswoman Shevon Niles said while she believes the road will positively affect her business transactions on a day-to-day basis, she also believes that the completion of the road will make it much safer for people.

“There are elderly citizens who usually traverse this road and it’s a challenge for them…so the signs and road markings will benefit the elderly and also women and children with disabilities,” she said.

Infrastructural works being conducted on Eccles-Mandela access road

The road works were divided into six lots and consist of a four-lane road with dual carriageway of two lanes each and jointed reinforced concrete pavement in accordance with international standards.

The contracts for the project were signed earlier this year and is the realisation of the commitment made by the PPP/C administration for advanced infrastructural development.