Road safety forum identifies actions to curb road accidents

– App being developed to record offences in real time

Guyana hosted the National Road Safety Stakeholder’s Forum and workshop on Friday, under the theme “Taking Road Safety to Another Level” with the government making a commitment to create a better life for future generations by improving road safety.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn emphasised that the forum aims to identify the necessary actions to be taken in promoting road safety in Guyana.

The forum recognised the behaviours that contribute to road accidents in Guyana, including drinking and driving, undercutting, and congestion.

The minister stressed that this situation cannot continue if Guyana is to achieve less than 100 road deaths for the third consecutive year.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary, Mae Toussaint Jr. Thomas, Guyana Police Force Assistant Commissioner, Clifton Hicken along side members of the Guyana Police Force

To combat this issue, the force is developing an app that allows individuals to record offences in real-time and send them to a police station for immediate action.

The home affairs minister suggested stronger actions against repeat offenders, such as revoking their licences. The ministry is expected to procure some 300 wheel clamps to assist officers in reprimanding persons who double park along the roadways.

Minister Benn reiterated that the government’s efforts, coupled with the cooperation of all stakeholders, are critical in achieving safer roadways. The minister also commended the efforts of the police force in promoting road safety in schools.