Robust response mechanism in place for COVID-19

−Mandatory quarantine, isolation for suspected cases;

—communication plan in place

—Guyana COVID-19 infection toll remains at five;

—Global figures continue to climb

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, provided the nation with an update with on the country’s response to the threat of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the number of suspected cases being monitored in Guyana.

Minister Lawrence noted that a key component of the effort to reduce the spread of the virus is the communication mechanism and also ensuring everyone is aware of their role in the fight. Also, the implementation of a strict monitoring and surveillance system in place throughout all regions and points of entry.


Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence while giving a brief update on COVID-19 in Guyana.

With the rise in global numbers of newly infected cases and deaths caused by the virus, the Ministry of Public Health and partnering agencies have conducted several targetted interventions and implemented measures to date.

    • The Ministry of Public Health has mandated quarantine and isolation of suspected cases. As of March 25, there are nine persons under mandatory quarantine and four under mandatory isolation.
    • Countrywide one person of interest bis being monitored. Previously seven persons of interest but six were ruled out.
    • All persons under mandatory quarantine and isolation are given psychosocial support through the Mental Health Unit and the Ministry of Social Protection.
    • To date, 543 calls were made to the toll-free COVID-19 hotline numbers. Ninety percent of the calls were from Region Four.
    • Ensured there is an adequate supply of testing kits and PPEs for medical personnel who will be directly interacting and dealing with cases and suspected cases.
    • Translated Public Health messages in four indigenous dialects – Wapichan, Makushi, Akawaio and Patamona as part of the risk communications strategy
    • Messages are being translated to effectively communicate with the migrant population.
    • Information for persons living with disabilities is currently being compiled.
    • Multi-sectoral, multi-partner coordination among the Ministry of Public Health, UNICEF, PAHO/WHO and others has proven fruitful in this fight.

The Public Health Minister reiterated that as of yesterday the number of confirmed cases in Guyana remains at five with all cases being identified in region four. Of this number, four are adults (under the age of 60) and the other is a child. One of these cases has died.

Current global figures indicate there are 332, 930 cases of coronavirus, with the number of deaths standing at 14,510.  In the region of the Americas, there are a reported 37,016cases with a total number of 465 deaths.