Second round of talks between Malta’s Ambassador, Min. Lawrence

– further contribution to improve local health sector discussed

DPI, Guyana, Friday, November 9, 2018

Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Malta’s Ambassador to Guyana, H.E. Roland Donin de Rosière has pledged to continue working with the Ministry of Public Health to promote good health and well-being in Guyana.

After a brief meeting today with Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence, the ambassador said since his initial meeting with the minister in 2017, he is now more familiar with the local health sector and is prepared to further extend services and support.

During today’s discussion, held at the Minister’s Secretariat, Ambassador de Rosière spoke of plans to go into the regions to conduct health promotion and awareness outreaches. He also highlighted the contribution of an electric bed which was made earlier in the year.

“It is my fourth visit to Guyana and it’s my second meeting with Minister of Public Health and we have had a good discussion about cooperation and that is mainly in the health field. My little initiative… will be to give blood for the fourth time in Guyana and I say that to encourage others to do so.”

Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence said it is the opportune time to work with the ambassador to improve healthcare delivery in Guyana. She has noted that the ministry is interested in receiving assistance in capacity building and extensive strengthening of the sector’s human resource

“We are looking at other aspects of cooperation. These are being looked at by my technical team to ensure that these are areas in which we need assistance and also that they are priority areas (for the ministry). I also spoke with the Ambassador in terms of assistance where necessary, in the provision of services for migrants from Venezuela.”

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has an effective emergency response mechanism which Guyana can tap into through the fostering of relations between the two sides. More than 120 countries have received assistance through its worldwide relief corps. They also aid victims of natural disasters, epidemics, and war.

His Excellency Rosière was accredited by President David Granger in 2016 after presenting his credentials. The Ambassador maintains his initial sentiment which is to become an advocate for Guyana, throughout his tenure, in every sphere of development.

Delicia Haynes

Images: Jameel Mohamed